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Admissions Marketing Service


We can attract the right parents to your school using our unique social media technology.

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Maltman's Green School, Admissions

Maltman’s Green School is a forward thinking, insight led school. We use soccialy’s platform as its the most modern, trackable, data driven solution to increase pupil numbers. Soccialy’s smart technology uses social media and Google to identify and engage exactly the right type of parent, in the right channel and at the right time. Since adopting this digital approach, even during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen a healthy increase in enquiries for our school. Our marketing spend has now been channeled into this more targeted method with data available to monitor reach and impact. Highly recommended.

Nikki Windridge Head of Marketing and Communications

GEMS Wellington Primary School, Admissions

The process of establishing our needs and providing a solution was insightful. This new approach and new technology can reach the parents that we are unable to reach. For our school we saw this as an effective way to complement our own marketing efforts and improve registrations. The team were knowledgeable, professional, timely and gave honest feedback that would ensure the greatest success for our campaigns. A service I’d highly recommend to other Principals and school leaders

Sarah O’Regan Principal/CEO

Lochinver House

The May Open Morning had a visible increase in visitors and the campaigns have culminated in a 40% increase in parents attending our September Open Morning. We also noted that we had interest from a wider geographical area than ever before. It is hugely satisfying to be able to measure the success of the campaigns via hard data, as opposed to printed advertising where we haven’t been able to. At Lochinver House, we are very pleased with the way that soccialy is able to use all the different Social Media platforms and Google. It’s coordinated and targeted in a way that generates real results for schools and best of all it’s all managed for us!

Anne Meir Director of Marketing and Admissions

How You Benefit

Landing page Optimisation

Parent and legal guardian registration process and landing page optimisation

Social Media Advertising

Paid social media advertising across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and TikTok (coming soon!)*

Google Display Advertising

Paid-for display advertising across the Google Display Network to drive traffic and registrations to your Open Day events*

Digital Marketing Campaign

Planning and delivering an admissions and educations digital marketing campaign that is bespoke to your school

Save Budget

Less wasted budget on pray and spray campaigns on more traditional channels such as newspapers, and specialist magazines where return on marketing investment is impossible to track

Quality Registrations

More quality registrations to your admissions events from your key demographic


A dashboard that allows you to track in real-time the performance of your admissions campaigns

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