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Meridien House, 42 Upper Berkeley St, Marylebone, London W1H 5PW

Tel: + 44 330 124 2022

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Meet The Team – Gareth Thyer-Jones – Managing Director

What were you doing before you joined the team and how did you and Soccialy find each other?

“Working for the Times Educational Supplement (TES) and thought, there must be a better

and cheaper way to help schools find teachers, and hey presto 6 years later created a

business and we work with over 1200 schools!”

What do you do for fun?

“Mountain biking, karate, keeping fit and building camps for my kids.”

What’s your go-to playlist when you’re working?

“You can do it!”

What inspires you creatively?

“My passion to be better.”

What’s your greatest achievement?

“My family.”

Any parting words of wisdom?

“If you have the courage to start, you have the courage to succeed.”