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How to have a great School Open Day

Why, what and who you need for a successful School Open Day?

School open days can be behemoths to deal with. They require intense planning, a decent amount of hands and not just that, you’re also going to be competing with many other schools in your area, so you have to differentiate yourself to prospective parents. It’s a lot. Open days differ in approaches for private and public schools, with the latter trying to appeal to a broader audience and the former looking at a more defined parent. But with the right timing and a strong idea about who you’re trying to appeal to, you can make your school open day a huge success.

So, what’s the point of a school open day? Well, it’s the best way to invite prospective parents to your school and show them that you are a brilliant institution with great traditions and a friendly atmosphere for their children. Easy, right? Well, it’s hard to say. Depending on your current popularity, it can be an uphill battle for parents’ attention. The average amount of school Open Days that parents visit is 4-5. You need to be able to stand amongst those 4 or 5 other schools and stay in that parent’s mind. 

How do you do that?

Make a day of it by hanging up banners at the front gate and around your school. Catering is always excellent if your budget allows, and a fresh lick of paint on a worn part of the building can make it feel brand new. A great idea is a QR code on any signage that then takes prospective parents to your landing page on banners and other promotional material you have. 

It would be best to communicate your school’s values, traditions and what you’re good at. If you are from a school with a strong heritage and traditions, you’ll want that to be at the forefront of your campaign. People love hearing about the history and significant milestones of the school; they offer the parent comfort in that this is a permanent institution worthy of their time. It also provides legitimacy and a feeling of solidity that some newer schools cannot offer. 

So, what do you sell if you are part of a new school and can’t sell a historical heritage? You want to sell your values, goals and ideas for the future. This angle works just as well on prospective parents. The future is just as important as the past, if not more important. 

Focussing on one of these points is key depending on the school. You want to show those parents what makes you great. Provide your talented students with a platform to show off what they can do, artistic ability, sporting achievements, debate team successes, or anything that you feel makes your school special. 

How soccialy can help you boost your Open Day sign-ups

Now you’ve prepped for a brilliant open day, how do you let people know that you’re hosting an event? A banner outside your school can only reach so many people. That’s where soccialy can help to support you. We provide your school open day with the digital advertising campaign it deserves. We use our AI technology to advertise your school on all major social media channels and Google. 

We target the ideal parent for your school based on their location, interests, and demographics and drive them to your event landing page to register for your open day event. We round off your physical open day with a digital footprint that will stick in the minds of prospective parents. 

Please have a chat with us about your goals and ambitions for your school open day. Book a free discovery call to see how we can help increase your admissions.