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How To Improve Your Recruitment Process – Tips

The process of applying for a job has advanced a lot over the years. Technology has made it much quicker and simpler to apply for a job, right? So why do we still see clients using clunky processes for their applicants to apply for their vacancies.


Top talents value their time

The traditional way of thinking suggests that a longer application process weeds out the candidates who are not as serious about the job, and that good talent will be dedicated to fill out more information. However, it works in almost the opposite way in most cases. Good applicants know the value of their time and know they will have plenty of other opportunities to find a job.

Millennials are soon to make up the largest part of the workforce. They grew up during the rise of the mobile phone and the internet. Generation Z practically came out of their mothers’ wombs holding a smart phone. If you want to hire these people, the need for a fully optimised application process is essential. But a common misconception is to believe that millennials (and younger generations) are the only ones using their mobile devices to seek career opportunities online.

Source – Rec Right


Let us give you a piece of homework. Go on your mobile phone right now and try to apply for a job on your own school’s website…

Managed it easily? Well done, your optimised for success!

Not so easy? You need to streamline your application process. Don’t miss out on potential candidates by not having a mobile-friendly application process. Optimize your websites pages for mobile viewing and make sure forms are compatible with all devices.


Here are some tips that will help you to create a seamless application process that will drive better results from your recruitment campaigns.

  • Make sure your application process is mobile friendly!!
  • Let people apply directly on your website. Set up a contact form that allows the candidate to enter their contact details and upload their resume. Set up the contact form to send an email to the appropriate contact within the school who deals with recruitment so that they can contact the applicant directly.
  • Provide an additional application method, for example provide a direct email address and request the resume to be sent there.
  • Ask yourself whether you are doubling up on information – Are you asking the candidate to repeat information that is already included in their resume in your application? Is there a way you can just have applicants upload their CV instead of filling out an application form? Try to make it as simple as possible for the candidate to apply for the job.
  • Remove questions that aren’t necessary at the first point of contact. Ask yourself what information you really need upfront to decide whether the candidate is worth taking to the next step. The recruitment process has become a conversation that you as the employer need to initiate with candidates. Obtain key contact details at first, then follow up by phone and email to request further application tasks once you’ve worked out if they could be the right fit for the role.

These tips should be followed to optimise your application process for yourself; however, they are extremely important for clients who run recruitment campaigns with us. We are driving people from social media to your website to apply for a vacancy where approximately 83% of users come from mobile devices, making a mobile friendly application process essential.

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