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Get even better results from your recruitment strategy by using social media for your school.

What using social media advertising for recruitment looks like

We have spoken with thousands of school leaders about their recruitment strategy and social media’s role in it. Many of those school leaders said they use social media for recruitment in some way or another.

But, when we looked under the hood, it was clear it wasn’t being done effectively.

Here’s why…

Schools posted job vacancies on their social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, but the number of relevant users seeing those posts was incredibly low. And this is hardly surprising, considering…

In 2012, based on a study from Edgerank Checker, organic reach for an average Facebook page was around 16 percent; in other words, 16 percent of the people following your page would see your new post, on average. These days, according to research from Social@Ogilvy, the average reach is closer to 8.6 percent. And for pages with more than 500,000 likes, the organic reach can be as low as 2 percent.

The highest teacher leaving rate seen in a decade

Vacancies being up by more than a quarter while the number of qualified entrants has fallen

It’s clear that your school’s approach to recruitment and retention must change and change quickly in response to these pressures.

Businesses of all industries already know of the power of social when it comes to recruitment…

92% of companies are using social media for recruitment

The use of social media for recruitment has grown 54% in the past 5 years

So, the solution?

In 2023 and on, you should use social media advertising for your school recruitment to get results.

Social media advertising allows you to pinpoint potential candidates, including by job title, location and interests, to name a few. For example, instead of posting your science teacher vacancy to your Facebook page, where 5% of your followers will see it, instead, promote your vacancy to thousands of relevant teachers who meet your exact requirements.

We use this approach to find teachers for your vacancies rather than wait for them to find your job. After all, 70% of candidates are passive job seekers.

We get results in the following ways…

  • We use our technology to find and attract teachers to your role through social media and digital channels.
  • The job is additionally matched to the database of 1000s of registered teachers.
  • Your job is posted on over 30 job partner websites, including Schools Week and Education Today, seen by millions of teachers.
  • Promoted on social media with targeted adverts, you receive job applications from matched candidates.
  • Your very own Google advert and re-targeting adverts that will receive click-throughs to your job.
  • We will also provide a live and interactive report showing your advert’s response and reach.

Try an approach that achieves results! If you want to advertise a number of school vacancies, please contact us at [email protected] or 0330 124 2022 to learn more.