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How Your School Can Grow Its Social Media Brand

It’s Hard To Find The Time

Schools have never been known to be social media wizards, don’t worry, nobody’s blaming you! It’s not fair to put the burden of a whole marketing department on the back of someone that is primarily a human resources person or a teaching assistant, it’s just not feasible, and they work hard enough as it is. Social media marketing is also not a very justifiable expense for most schools to make. A social media presence is not the be-all, end-all for schools. Still, with school funding constantly being stretched thin, it’s not a necessary expense. That’s why we’re writing this blog; this is for you, the HR person that is sick of their school’s stagnant Twitter page! We want to help you make your school’s social media presence engaging and inspirational. 

A big hurdle for many schools in regards to social media is time. But spending a couple of hours a day sharing your school’s news and accomplishments is all you need. There are lots of tools that you can use now to help save you a ton of time and energy. For example, there are social media tools that allow you to view all your different social media channels in one easy-to-digest display. These kinds of tools will enable you to make the most of your time. There is no need to juggle 4 or 5 other open tabs to maintain your online presence. You can find many free alternatives out there so you don’t have to pay anything either!

Countless Possibilities!

Now that you have that setup, it’s time to post, but what do you post about? Being in a school means you will have a great list of diverse topics you can discuss and share. A great way to be up-to-date on the news happening within the school is to go through your school departments and ask if there’s anything significant happening that month or week. You can then be alert to what’s going on and be ready to plan your posts. Have a sports team? Posting their game schedule or results is a great way to engage students online who participated in those events; you can even tag the game’s best players! You can post snippets of drama performances, music performances and interviews with students. People love to see the inner workings of schools and classroom environments; it also legitimises the school as a beacon for talent.

Building An Online Community

Posting regularly at a school is incredibly underrated; in this digital age, an online community can be just as valuable and enriching as a traditional in-person community. It can be a place for parents to make conversation, build connections and support each other. It can also be hard work to keep up successfully. However, if you allow for a school calendar of events to be in front of you, the rest of the running social media can fall into place. We recommend setting up a calendar that teachers, assistants and school leaders can fill with things happening that week. Getting everyone to share information consistently may take a while, but it’s just about being persistent.

An Art teacher can email you about a student exhibition next week that you can photograph and share online. This can be an incredible way to promote your school’s brand, get people engaged and lift morale within your school. Another thing to consider is that many prospective families are persuaded to join schools nowadays based on their digital presence.

How soccialy Can Help

A great accompaniment to your school’s new social media marketing plan is us, soccialy! Here at soccialy, we strive to get your school in front of great candidates, whether for recruitment or a potential Open Day campaign you have coming up. Our AI gives your school’s brand the reach it deserves; want to know more about how we can help fill your school vacancies or fill out your upcoming Open Day? You can contact us directly here! We’d love to hear from you.