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Social Media Management

Education Admissions Social Media Management Service

Make the most of your admissions marketing budget and target parents and guardians where they spend their time, on social media. Leveraging the most popular social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and TikTok, we have a tried and tested process that is guaranteed to boost your school or colleges pupil admissions.

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Did You Know That 83% of Parents Use Social Media Every Day?

It’s extremely important to stay active on social media, and regular, friendly, helpful content can positively affect your school’s admission levels. We understand that not every educational institution has the time to manage this effectively. We are here to help you streamline the process with our social media management service. The majority of headteachers we speak with tell us their social media management experience is at best inconsistent or neglected altogether. Our education recruitment social media management service slots into your school’s overarching marketing and communications strategy. The hands-on methodologies we offer clients champions their school as a great employer drives candidate leads and job applications.

We Are Here to Help!

We are here to help!

We can analyse your school’s social media audiences and develop a strategy that’s tailored to them by creating and distributing content for your social media profiles, monitoring online conversations and providing a community service.


We Can Effectively Manage Your Social Media Channels

Our team of social media experts are here to create a personalised marketing strategy for your channels that align with your goals and priorities.

Build your brand

Speak to your students and parents with ease

Attract new parents

Manage negative and positive comments

Create an online parent community

Social Media Management

Consider soccialy to be the social media marketing partner you have always wanted to appoint. Our in-house team of strategists specialise in social media for schools, colleges and universities and will work with your organisation to run your channels in order to boost brand awareness and drive engagement with prospective parents, leaving your school to focus on delivering excellence in education.