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We can take the hassle out of managing your institution’s social media channels. Our experienced team will run your channels seamlessly so that your engagement with parents, students and teachers flourishes.

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Every headteacher we speak to tells us that their experience of social media channel management has been poor. They're worried about parent interactions and negative publicity for the school. They know that social media is a key communication channel for parents and schools, and that their institution's social media channels need to be filled with the right content and messaging to engage with all of these audiences in the right way. Our experienced social media team can do that for you.


We Can Effectively Manage Your Social Media Channels

Our team of social media experts are here to create a personalised marketing strategy for your channels that align with your goals and priorities.

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Speak to your students and parents with ease

Attract new parents

Manage negative and positive comments

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Social Media Marketing

What's Included?

We offer several social media management packages to meet your needs. Learn more about what's included in our packages below.

We will use our years of experience to manage all your social media channels. By posting advertisements and engaging content directly onto your social media pages, your ads will be personalized to the needs of your school, and your content can be marketed and remarketed to your growing target audience.​

We will use our expertise to help build your online awareness and bring the ideal audience to your channels by marrying organic posting on your channels with the vacancies we advertise for you. An integrated strategy like this means you do not need to worry about parents seeing job vacancies from your school.

Your social media manager will create a custom content calendar where content will be planned out in advance for all your social channels, keeping you updated with upcoming posts.

We will manage your social media community by engaging your audience and followers. We can create and grow your thriving online community by responding to posts from your followers, moderating comments to ensure all content on your page reflects your school’s outstanding reputation and creating relevant discussions to engage your following.​

We’ll ensure the digital marketing needs of your school’s virtual presence are met, using our specialist expertise to target the right audiences for your posts so that you are responding to the needs of parents, students and prospective candidates seamlessly.​

Analytic tools are a great way to measure the success of your social media channels. Specialist software and our data expertise will allow us to customise and optimise your channels to create the most engaging social media presence for the school.​ We will keep you up to date with periodic reports of your growing social media presence and audience engagement.

Digital competency sessions are vital to up-skill your team on the ever-changing landscape of marketing. The periodic sessions will provide transparency and empower staff to get the most out of the social media platforms your students, parents and prospective candidates use every day.

Competitions and specific campaigns are an important way to grow and engage with your school’s audiences online. To keep parents, students and candidates excited about your brand, we would be able to launch specific competitions and campaigns periodically.