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The 2021 soccialy Teacher Gift Guide!

Last year we didn’t know how to give a Christmas gift to teachers, whether it was safe, if you should post it or if it was right to give an old fashioned Christmas card! A lot of us got to save money on not getting the teacher’s a gift, so this year, it’s only right that we step up and get them a gift they’ll enjoy and remember! It’s easy to think that COVID-19 protocols are behind us but with the reemergence of the Omicron variant, it’s important to get that teacher something special with a potential lockdown around the corner! And let’s be honest, they do deserve it. The flexibility some teacher’s showed to make sure every student got the education they deserved is incredibly commendable and something that doesn’t get the attention it deserves. 

The 2020-2021 pandemic was famously not easy for a lot of people, and teachers were some of the hardest hit in regards to ground-shaking alteration. Lesson plans flipped upside down, having to support kids who don’t have a computer at home and adjusting to parents’ timetables. Herculean efforts were taken by many teachers and a lot of kids and parents came out of the pandemic truly appreciative of the burden many teachers take. School time doesn’t end at 3:30 pm for great teachers, most teachers take their work home with them. If anybody deserves to be spoiled this Christmas, it’s teachers!

With there being various types of teachers, we’re going to break this up to suit every kind of teacher, so nobody feels left out. We’re casting a wide net to help guide you to the perfect gift. So here we go, here are soccialy’s favourite Christmas gifts for 2021!

Now we all had that one teacher, always has the newest laptop, a high-end phone and the latest videogame console. They’re the tech-savvy ones in the department and they love to be known for it! It’s hard to imagine how many cables they must have running through their house, and how many times they probably trip over them! (Maybe kneepads would be a better gift..) Now, mobile gaming is obviously huge and is getting increasingly more popular every year as we eventually tick over into Matrix territory. So why not gift that mobile gamer, an ergonomic controller in the form of the Kishi Mobile Gaming Controller! Get them to give it their all in their game, as they do in lessons!

Going over their desk and the first picture you see is their family, and then in a photo frame twice that size, is a picture of their cat/dog/pet frog. They love their pet, as they should! But that love is absolutely all over them, you can’t go 5 mins without hearing about Freddy the labrador. It’s important that they know we’re listening, or they at least think we’re listening when they go off on their tangents. Make sure you get them something they’ll use every day with a personalised dog treat pouch! Freddy would be so lucky…

We all have the fitness freak in the office, geared up and ready to run home after work, sometimes cycling in and if it was up to them, maybe even a swim. They’re passionate about their health but more importantly, education. They’re doing everything they can to stay in their job as long as possible and that should be commended. What a motivated person! It’s only right we help them get to that next level, hopefully with a gift! It’s important that they’re able to feel the burn when they can, so why not give them a gift that turns their house into a strictly upper-body gym. We suggest the Umi pull-up bar!

The movie buff, the Marvel fanatic, the Dr Who obsessive, the trading card collector. They’re always incredibly nice people, but please, talk about anything else! The great thing about pop culture maniacs is that they make brilliant teachers, always attentive and alert to every student’s needs. They’re everyone’s favourite teacher and make the day go by quickly, so who deserves it more?! Now, they’re always trying to make the most of their time, either by watching something, listening to something or building something…like LEGO! We recommend the LEGO Iconic Chess Set!

The music maester

the podcast pro

they’ve never had a full charge

on their phone. 

A nice, Christmassy poem for you. You know who we’re talking about, amazing headphones coupled with amazing music taste (let’s not forget, taste is subjective). They’re almost never listening to you and listening to whoever is blabbering in their ear, hours deep into their podcast. They reach their batteries limit at 3 pm and have a sour face on the way home without their music. So let’s give them that little electrical boot up the bum. We suggest the Powerstation Plus XL from Mophie!

Incredible teachers deserve to be recognised. It encourages other teachers to push themselves and really try to make a difference in their students’ lives. It’s important to make sure that they know you care. Soccialy helps aid you in recruiting brilliant teachers, filling out your departments with targeted talent that can make a huge difference to students’ day-to-day. Keeping them energized, excited and always engaged in the lesson. Use soccialy to build a brilliant team.