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Top 10 things that you should be doing in 2023 to recruit the best teachers

The jobs market has changed and shows no signs of slowing. We now live in an age where candidates drive the market, and as such, you need to be doing more to attract the right talent.

Here’s our 10 quick-fire tips that you can start implementing right away…

  1. Check the job spec is up to date and is exciting – It sounds obvious, right? But you would be amazed by how outdated (and dull) many teacher job specs actually are. So, make sure that they are up-to-date, accurate and exciting!
  2. Sell the job in your adverts – Your adverts are the first impression that a candidate will get off your school and the position, so it is very important to ‘sell the job’. So instead of just saying that you’re looking for Teacher X, outline the role on offer.
  3. Sell why your school is the place to work in the adverts – With thousands of schools in the UK and a shortage of teachers, those looking for a new role have their pick of schools. Paint a picture of what your school is like, and where possible, use short, engaging videos in your adverts.
  4. Talk about additional benefits to help your job vacancy stand out amongst the crowd. From pay and relocation assistance to perks unique to your school. Really sell it!
  5. Create an employer section on your school website with videos of other teachers/heads telling them why they should work at the school.
  6. Market the job on social media using a specialist company that can target the right teachers. Find out more here.
  7. Have an online application process that candidates can quickly use – this point is very important if you really want to increase the number of applications that you receive from a campaign. Ask yourself the following questions… Can candidates easily apply on mobile? Is my application process so long that it will put people off from applying? Are there any additional hurdles? Perhaps try applying yourself to test it.
  8. Traditional job boards rely on candidates coming to their websites. That pool is dwindling. Are you aware that only 10-15% of teachers actively seek new jobs? This makes for fierce competition to attract the right candidates, and you can be forced into inappropriate selections.
  9. Ask every teacher for a referral and offer incentives – a simple marketing trick, but not many schools do. It can be very effective, so give it a try…
  10. Advertise jobs early because, in today’s candidate-driven market; you will miss out on applications when you leave your advertising to the last minute.

Here at soccialy, we find and focus on the 85% of teachers that aren’t actively seeking new posts and engage with them to notice exciting new opportunities. This means you can receive the right quality and quantity of job applications.

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