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Traffic to Your Website

Our traffic campaigns make the most of your website by bringing a volume of relevant visitors to you. Traffic campaigns focus on driving a specific volume of relevant ‘traffic’ to the advert, with the goal of getting as many people as possible to click the advert to the relevant web page it is linked to. This is a great way to get a lot of relevant people to visit a page on your website, where they can then take a specific action such as filling in an application form or registering their interest in an event.


What Are the Benefits of Traffic Campaigns?

Video provides our customers with multiple benefits that enable them to engage with candidates and parents quickly and effectively.

Easily Measurable and Trackable

A major benefit of traffic campaigns is that they are easy to measure and track. We provide our customers with access to tracking the different metrics from their campaigns through their personalised dashboard, but you can also monitor incoming traffic to your website through Google Analytics.

Volume of Relevant Traffic

Traffic campaigns generate a great volume of prospective candidates and parents directly to your website through our social media adverts. This is an effective way to get your offering exposed to thousands of new people. Traffic campaigns allow you to quickly cast a wide net to find new candidates and parents for your educational institution.

You're in Control

Nothing beats the flexibility of a traffic campaign, where you’re able to have control over a wide range of options for how you reach potential candidates and parents.

Easily Compatible

Traffic campaigns are a great way to generate interest in a specific offering by driving traffic to an advert leading to your webpage of choice. Once you’ve successfully driven traffic to your webpage through a traffic campaign, why not make use of the awareness you’ve created by going one step further and launching a Lead Generation campaign to start getting in touch with people directly?

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