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Your Next Candidate is On Social Media

Did you know that over 70% of education professionals are open to seeing jobs on social media?

In comparison, only a small portion of education professionals are on job boards if they’re actively looking for a new job. So why not target all education professionals on social media rather than the few who are actively job seeking?

Number of Jobs Advertised

We have advertised thousands of jobs for educational institutions over the past few years.


Educational Institutions We Work With

We're proud to work with thousands of educational institutions around the world.


Number of Clicks to Apply

We boast very successful campaigns that attract candidates to your jobs so that they click through to apply.


Oakwood School

For more than three years we have successfully used Soccialy to recruit as part of our strategy to reach the candidates that job boards are unable to. Each time we have run a campaign, we have received a good number of high quality applications both for teaching roles and teaching support roles. Recruitment campaigns have always been launched quickly and efficiently, and with the costs being both within our budget expectations and offering very good value. We take advantage of the opportunity to purchase packs of campaigns, again offering very good value and with a generous time horizon in which to use the campaigns. The Service provided by our Account Manager has been excellent, efficient and flexible, and we now regard Soccialy as our trusted partner for all recruitment requirements.

Ian Brittain Bursar

ATLAS Multi-Academy School Trust

As an outstanding trust we have prided ourselves on being innovative in our approach. We have been actively looking for new solutions to enhance our response rates, reduce costs as well as recruit the most outstanding talent. Soccialy’s machine-learning technology really stood out above the competition. The best part of using soccialy is that some of the applicants we received from the campaign we ran with them were not even looking for new roles, so we have had a great shortlist of quality candidates. Since implementing this approach and streamlining of our application process, the candidate journey has been more enjoyable, and we have seen an increase in quality candidates applying directly. Their dashboard tool also enables us to monitor and track performance with total transparency. I would highly recommend soccialy as a modern and cost-effective approach. It attracts candidates that normally would not come through job boards or recruitment agencies and lets us recruit them simply and effectively.

Phil O’Neill Trust Business Manager

The Mosslands School

We have been really impressed by the efficiency and customer service we have received from soccialy. We were initially drawn to them because of their forward-thinking strategy in using social media to engage our wider teaching audience, which fits well with our school’s focus on technology and innovation in the curriculum. We have been reassured by the quality and breadth of responses we received from our first major campaign with soccialy, from which we have successfully recruited candidates into key positions across the school. I have no hesitation in recommending their services to any colleague, irrespective of whether they have experienced difficulty recruiting in recent years or not. They provide excellent value for money, attentive personal service and have helped attract outstanding candidates to the school

Mr A. Whiteley Headteacher

Maltman's Green School, Recruitment

Soccialy’s recruitment platform has worked so well during the COVID lockdown. We needed a Head of Maths teacher to compliment our professional team. We have traditionally used TES to advertise and when we compared the data from Tes it had only generated 30 clicks of interest to our vacancies page where as soccialy’s social media technology generated 79 candidates to click though to the job. This has led to a far greater choice of candidates to shortlist and helped us to successfully fill the role. We would highly recommend soccialy as an alternative way to recruit outstanding teachers.

Nikki Windridge Head of Marketing and Communications

GEMS Wellington Primary School, Recruitment

The process of establishing our needs and providing a solution was insightful. For our school we saw this as an effective way to recruit. The team were knowledgeable, professional, timely and gave honest feedback that would ensure the greatest success for our campaigns. A service I’d highly recommend to other Principals and school leaders.

Sarah O’Regan Principal/CEO

Dr Challoner's Grammar School

I signed up to the Talented Teacher Jobs approach as they have a very creative solution which enables us to get that visibility. A real advantage is the way that they are able to create sponsored social media campaigns that actively target the teachers we are looking for and bring them to our application process. This is a cost effective service and ensures that we are seen by teachers whenever and wherever they look, either on the internet or social media. I am happy to recommend TTJ and work they do. The whole process is easy and our jobs are posted across multiple websites and social media. This is a key strategy for recruitment in today’s schools.

David Atkinson Headmaster

Witchford Village College

Social media is an effective channel for us to connect with prospective candidates but we didn’t have the experience, understanding or time to do make all the right social media channels work effectively for us. When we were recommended to use Talented Teacher Jobs they made it simple to use and risk free. Their solution is clever and allows us to reach all the teachers in the market we want to target so that we no longer have to hope and wait for teachers to apply on job boards or use recruitment agencies. We are able to connect with the target audience and make all the right teachers in the area aware of the jobs available. It also enables us to communicate with candidates on the platforms they feel comfortable to use, so comfortable in fact that teachers were recommending others for our roles. They were then directed to our own schools website to apply avoiding competing with other schools in the area. I happily recommend Talented Teacher Jobs as an effective and easy way to use social media to recruit teachers, supporting the new DfE teaching vacancies service. It has helped us save thousands of pounds on recruitment costs.

Daniel Baxby Headteacher

Social media technology

Recruit the Candidates You Need With Ease

Our social media recruitment technology is able to take your educational instutition vacancies to all relevant candidates on the social media apps and websites they use every day rather than hoping and waiting for them to apply through a job board or your institution website. This active data-driven approach to recruitment is what the very best educational institutions in the UK are adopting to reach and engage with the very best talent in the market.

Attract the best teachers, leaders and staff to your educational institution using our technology

Social Media Technology

Target Candidates on the Social Media Apps and Websites They Use Everyday


Our clever blend of technology identifies and targets relevant candidates for educational institutions through social media apps and websites. This personalised targeting approach means that educational institutions can reach leaders, teachers and support staff wherever they are online.

Data in Your Hands

Personalised Dashboard to Track Your Advert Performance


Each educational institution who works with us is given a personalised dashboard, where they can track any current and previous adverts they have run using our social media technology. The dashboard enables our customers to make key recruitment and business decisions based on advert data and performance.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Quick and Easy Return on Your Investment


Unlike job boards and recruitment agencies, our technology provides you with a data-driven solution that targets all candidates, regardless of whether they’re actively looking for new jobs. This approach allows you to see the true return on your recruitment spend, saving you time and money.

Social Media Technology

Do job boards provide the results and value you need?

Traditional ways of advertising your educational institution's vacancies on job boards have not actually evolved. It's the equivalent of putting your goods on a shelf. You're limited to the traffic that passes and you hope and wait for a response. This can be compounded further based on your own experience when you found a job however the behaviours of the people you wish to recruit have evolved. The teachers you wish to recruit live in a totally different place and prefer to interact with information on their smart devices, in the apps and websites that they interact daily.

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