5 Practical Tips to Increase Student Enrolment at Your School

Establish a Strong School Brand

To ensure future students distinguish your school from the myriad of other educational institutions, build a strong brand. Good brands are associated with a certain identity.

Use Your School Website as an Admission Tool

A website is a powerful tool to help your school establish an online presence and streamline your marketing efforts.

Create a Google Business Profile for Your School

You have probably seen the profiles of cafés, stores, and other businesses in your area displayed like snippets when you search for them in Google and on Google Maps.

Develop a Powerful Inbound Marketing Strategy

If inbound marketing has not yet been included in your school’s promotion strategy, this is your sign to explore it. This kind of online marketing method helps you attract potential students to your school by creating and posting content that is useful to them.

Use the Power of Social Media Platforms

According to DataReportal, over 86% of the United Kingdom’s internet user base (regardless of age) used at least one social media platform in January 2023. The average time spent on social platforms daily is around two hours.

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