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World Science Day: How do brilliant teachers shape the world?

With the rise of conspiracy theories, false data, and scaremongering, there has never been a greater need for brilliant teachers. Let’s celebrate World Science Day with some awesome facts, relevant news, and a couple of impressive numbers (to also celebrate Maths Week England).

AI, climate change, Covid-19…scary stuff! Every year, as technology improves, and more and more of us gain access to the internet, many people have felt that the world is pushing against them and are choosing to pin that on doctors, scientists, and scholars. No doubt this has stemmed from fear, spread through social media. Enough doom and gloom! We’re here to celebrate World Science Day! Let’s throw it back to secondary school and format this in the style of the classic GCSE subject, triple science.

Biology, the beginning of our universe, and the start of this blog post! The natural world of science is one filled with a host of interesting topics. Our bodies, we use them every day, and yet, we barely understand how hard it functions to keep us moving! Our hearts beat 100,000 times a day, it’s unbelievable! Another interesting fact, before the invention of colour TVs many more of us used to dream in black and white! That number is now at 12%, so about 10% of planet Earth are dreaming that they’re living in a noir film…how strange!

A joke: why can’t you trust an atom? They make up everything! That’s right, we’re talking about physics. The study of the universe, physics is arguably the one that pushes us into existential dread the quickest. Think about space too long and you will soon look at yourself in the mirror and think, “what does it all mean?”. Some of the greatest discoveries we have ever made as a species are the ones based on Physics! Think about Ben Franklin, flying his kite, and then bam! We understood the connection between lightning and electricity. A byproduct of this experiment was also the invention of the lightning rod, a tool used all over the world to protect us from lightning strikes. Newton! Who could forget, Mr. Gravity himself? The realisation of gravity helped us to understand why the sea moves the way it does, why the planets are constantly orbiting the sun, and how we are able to stand on this planet of ours without floating away into the sky. A substantial discovery!

Chemistry can be brutal, it’s the one most kids can’t get a handle on and something that can seem alien compared to Physics and Biology, we’re looking at the structure of compounds and how they interact with each other. As kids, most of us have our first interaction with the world of chemistry is our interaction with water. It’s a great way to understand how particles move in an environment as solids, liquids and gasses! Another mind-blowing fact is learning about how diamonds are made, perfectly aligned carbon/ graphite molecules, it doesn’t happen often but when it does it’s a sight to behold! Another amazing fact few people know, lightning strikes produce Ozone, the protective layer around our planet that protects us from the ultraviolet rays from the sun. A mad scientist might one day create a way to mass-produce lightning strikes so that we can repair our Ozone layer that way…who knows!

Now, this was a tongue-in-cheek way to celebrate the sciences and their importance to the history of mankind. They shape the way we look into the future and allow us to find new solutions for problems that may have not even arrived yet. This comes back around to soccialy, it’s incredibly important to reiterate the importance great teachers have on shaping the future we plan to live in. soccialy can help guide you to recruiting the very best teachers in your area! Job boards are dying, this is causing schools to hire poorly, meaning a ton of kids are not having someone to look up to, this can cause disinterested kids and that is something nobody wants!

Let soccialy be your recruitment solution, we find teachers who are passionate about the subjects they teach and put them in front of your brilliant students. Have a great World Science Day!