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Your Personalised Dashboard

While working with us, you will be given a bespoke dashboard, where you can track any current and previous adverts you have run using Sozzal's social media technology. The dashboard empowers you to see the way your adverts are performing each month. You can also use the dashboard as a tool to plan for and optimise future adverts that you wish to post with us, based on past advert performance and audience demographic insights.


What Are the Benefits of a Dashboard?

A personalised dashboard provides you with multiple benefits that enable you to use your advert data to make key recruitment and admissions decisions.

Advert Performance Insights

Your dashboard will provide you with an in-depth view of each advert you launch with us. This includes advert metrics, as well as the ability to compare each advert to understand which are over or under-performing.

Long-Term Analysis

Your dashboard consists of an archive that you can access of all your past adverts. This is a great opportunity to compare the performance of past and current adverts.

Learn About Your Audience

Audience insights are an invaluable way to understand who is attracted by your adverts. This is an excellent opportunity to use demographic insights about your audience to inform Diversity and Inclusion policy within your institution.

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