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Education Recruitment Service

Social Media Recruitment for Education

Our social media technology can deliver you 11x more candidates with the right job ad, on the right platform, and at the right time. We guarantee results whilst safeguarding your budget, and work with some of the world’s leading schools. Do you want to know how soccialy can help?

Job Boards Are Dead

Not so long ago, job boards were the place to go if you were looking to hire the best talent. They were also the destination of choice if you were looking to change roles. Today, in a market where fewer professionals are actively looking for a new job, we take your vacancies to precisely the people you want to reach and target and attract them to apply for your role. So isn’t it time for a new approach to finding the best talent for your organisation?

Maximise your return on recruitment investment and target education professionals who spend most of their time on social media. Leveraging the most popular social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Google, we have a tried and tested process of helping educators find qualified candidates for their hard-to-fill roles without wasting budget.

All Roles Supported

Outstanding teaching and learning staff are crucial to your school’s success, but so are great managers, business support and operations staff.

We recruit for every role or teaching job your school could need including teaching assistants, saving you the hassle of working with multiple education recruitment agencies. We will assign you your own education recruitment consultant to ensure your targeting and results are optimised.

Education Recruitment Service

Boost Brand Awareness, Warm-up Candidates, and Improve Your Recruitment Processes with soccialy

soccialy’s education recruitment service overcomes the most common mistakes made around social media outreach. We demystify the recruitment process for our clients, empowering them to deliver a delightful recruitment experience for candidates.

Number of Jobs Advertised

We have advertised thousands of jobs for educational institutions over the past few years.


Educational Institutions We Work With

We're proud to work with thousands of educational institutions around the world.


Number of Clicks to Apply

We boast very successful campaigns that attract candidates to your jobs so that they click through to apply.


Utilising the best social media recruitment technology, we ensure your school’s vacancies target your ideal candidates on the social channels they use every day.  Rather than hoping and waiting for them to discover your role on a job board or your website, we proactively engage with potential candidates on your behalf. Reaching candidates across social media is an increasingly popular recruitment method for forward-thinking schools adapting to the new challenges faced by the education sector.

Moreover, with an 87% increase in social media usage over the past few months alone, more and more candidates are finding jobs on social media channels rather than on job boards or via recruiters. As a result, over a third of schools have moved away from traditional recruitment methods and instead use social media advertising to attract candidates.

Social media recruitment

A Delightful Recruitment Journey

We will help support you in filling your vacancies by posting them on the DfE Teaching Vacancies service. When you sign up you will be given the opportunity to provide your DfE job board logins so that we can process them for you, saving you valuable time. As social media recruitment experts, our education recruitment service doesn’t stop there. We will partner with you to make sure the design and content of your recruitment marketing align with your organisation’s values, aims and objectives. Using our digital marketing expertise, we will work with your team to optimise the recruitment journey for candidates. Creating a landing page that converts is the goal of any digital marketing campaign. We aim to deliver a delightful application experience for candidates looking to work at your school so that you can cherry-pick the best talent on the market.

Reaching candidates across social media is an increasingly popular recruitment method for forward-thinking schools. Our experienced team of social media strategists can take the hassle out of managing your social media channels and devise a recruitment strategy that’s bespoke for your organisation.

We understand how to attract the best talent to your organisation. Our tried and tested strategies combined with our industry-specific knowledge will help your organisation attract, recruit and retain qualified candidates for your hard-to-fill roles without wasting budget on spray and pray campaigns.

Part of the soccialy family, Talented Teacher Jobs is a leading recruitment solution for schools to connect and employ teachers, leaders and education professionals.

Looking for a new role but not sure where you would like to work? Find out whether schools or educational institutions in your area are hiring staff or accepting student admissions with our school finder tool.

How you benefit…

Landing page Optimisation

Candidate application process and landing page optimisation

Paid Advertising

Paid social media advertising across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and TikTok (coming soon!)

Education Recruitment Campaign

Planning and delivering an education recruitment campaign that is bespoke to your school or education business

Quality Applications

More quality applications from the best education professionals looking for a new role

Save Budget

Less wasted budget on pray and spray campaigns on expensive job boards


A dashboard that allows you to track in real-time the performance of your recruitment campaigns

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soccialy is a leading education recruitment agency for schools, colleges and universities assisting with recruitment and admissions. We are international education recruitment specialists with a local reach, based in London. We take your vacancies to relevant teaching, leadership and support staff in your area encouraging them to apply and generating on average 11x more clicks than the industry leading job board. Our solutions make it easy to recruit teachers, management and support staff. Please contact us today on + 44 330 124 2022 to discuss your requirements.