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Lead Generation Campaigns

Our lead generation capability allows you to connect directly with high-quality candidates and parents targeted by our technology. To do this, we use personalised lead generation forms in our campaign adverts so that prospective candidates and parents can fill in the form with their details. This enables you to engage directly with each lead, meaning that you don’t need to wait for candidates or parents to come to you.


What Are the Benefits of Lead Generation?

Lead generation provides our customers with multiple benefits that enable them to start conversations with candidates and parents quickly and effectively.

High-Quality Candidates and Parents

High-quality candidates and parents who are interested in your offering – you’re attracting people who are willing to go through the effort of filling in a form by your educational institution.

Get in Touch Directly

Unlike traffic campaigns, you don’t need to wait for candidates or parents to apply in order to talk to them, you can get in touch with them directly straight away.

Get to Know Them

Through lead generation campaigns, you are privvy to important information about candidates and parents when they register their details on the lead generation form. Our forms are customisable so that we can ensure you get the most relevant leads for your needs.

Get Feedback

Now that you’re in touch with each lead individually, you can also use this as an opportunity to get direct feedback from candidates and parents about your educational institution and/or the application process. This is an actionable insight that will further hone your recruitment/admissions efforts for the future.

No Faff For You or Them

An easy lead generation form that stays on the social media platform they’re browsing negates the friction of a longer click-through path for candidates and parents.

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