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Admissions Marketing Service

Admissions & Education Marketing Service

soccialy can attract the right parents to your school using our unique social media technology. We work with some of the world’s leading schools, increasing their levels of pupil enrolment using the power of social media and traditional education marketing channels. Do you want to know how soccialy can help?

Did You Know That 83% of Parents Use Social Media Every Day?

If you are an educational institution that already uses Facebook or Instagram to attract parents and legal guardians, you will understand the power of social media. Soccialy can improve the results you achieve by connecting the behaviours of prospective new parents across multiple social networks, mobile apps, and websites in a way that is automatically optimised so that you are able to fill the gaps in exactly the year groups you need.

How Social Is Your School?

Social media is the perfect channel for schools to have direct contact with prospective parents and legal guardians. At soccialy, we understand the nuances and sector-specific challenges faced by both the public and private sectors in education. For independent schools, pupil admission is a key driver for marketing activity, and this is where soccialy can help your school achieve success. If your school is looking to reach a certain demographic we can help increase the number of parents and legal guardians attending your School Open Days.

Leveraging the most popular social media channels, our technology stack identifies and targets relevant parents and guardians on the channels and websites they use every day. Dovetailing on-point targeting with the transformational power of messaging, we work with schools to create powerful paid-for social media campaigns that are in line with their marketing strategy. If your school is looking to boost brand awareness, drive engagement and encourage registrations for your Open Day events without wasting precious budget – get in touch.

Social Media

Social Media Management Service


Reaching parents and legal guardians across social media is an increasingly popular method for forward-thinking schools adapting to the new challenges faced by the education sector. Using soccialys digital marketing expertise, we can devise a social media strategy that overcomes the most common mistakes made around what to post, how often to post, and whether or not to do paid advertising.

We can analyse your school’s social media audiences and develop a strategy that’s tailored to you by creating and distributing content for your social media profiles, monitoring online conversations and providing a community service.

Understanding the sales and marketing funnel, the best time to post to drive engagement and conversions is crucial to success with independent schools. Admissions marketing and communications require a concerted effort around key times in the academic year. Consider soccialy to be the social media marketing partner you have always wanted to appoint. You will be working with a team of education specialists who are passionate about your brand and purpose and are committed to delivering great results,  leaving you to focus on delivering an outstanding school life experience for your pupils and parents alike.

Social media admissions

Digital Marketing For Independent School Admissions

soccialy specialise in digital marketing for school admissions. As social media and education experts, our admissions and education marketing service doesn’t stop there. We will partner with you to make sure the design and content of your admissions marketing aligns with your school’s values, aims and objectives. We will work with your team to optimise the admissions journey for parents and legal guardians. Creating a landing page that converts is the goal of any digital marketing campaign. We aim to deliver a delightful admissions experience for parents and legal guardians looking for a school for their child, so when they attend an Open Day event at your school, they are fully aware of what to expect, and have had an opportunity to discover what makes your school unique and whether it is a good fit for their child. Our social media strategists will devise an outbound admissions social media strategy that attracts parents and legal guardians to register to attend an Open Day event at your school and will simultaneously drive organic traffic to your school’s website.

How you benefit…

Landing page Optimisation

Parent and legal guardian registration process and landing page optimisation

Social Media Advertising

Paid social media advertising across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and TikTok (coming soon!)*

Google Display Advertising

Paid-for display advertising across the Google Display Network to drive traffic and registrations to your Open Day events*

Digital Marketing Campaign

Planning and delivering an admissions and educations digital marketing campaign that is bespoke to your school

Save Budget

Less wasted budget on pray and spray campaigns on more traditional channels such as newspapers, and specialist magazines where return on marketing investment is impossible to track

Quality Registrations

More quality registrations to your admissions events from your key demographic


A dashboard that allows you to track in real-time the performance of your admissions campaigns

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soccialy specialise in digital marketing for independent schools. If you are looking to reinvigorate your school’s digital marketing activity and to positively impact your bottom line - get in touch. Together we will populate your school’s sales and marketing funnel helping you achieve success.

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who are socciay?

soccialy is a leading marketing agency for schools, colleges and universities assisting with recruitment and admissions. We are international education marketing specialists with a local reach, based in London. Our solutions make it easy to increase pupil admissions at your school. Please contact us today on + 44 330 124 2022 to discuss your requirements.