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Admissions & Education Marketing Service

Attract a rich pool of talented potential students and their parents by harnessing the power of social media and AI in your school admissions marketing.

soccialy leverages AI-enhanced social media marketing for admissions, giving your school cutting-edge strategies that attract top talent cheaper and faster.

83% of Parents and 97% of Children Use Social Media Every Day

Using the power of social media marketing for school admissions, you can proactively invite your best candidates into your admissions funnel – early, quickly, and for significantly less than the services of digital marketing agencies.

How we compare:


Standard Approach:

Utilising AI-powered targeting to connect with parents and students on the social media channels they use every day.

Using print and digital advertising in exactly the same way as all other educational institutions.

Reaching both those actively searching for a school to apply to and those considering it for the future.

Reaching only those actively searching for an educational institution to apply.

Broad targeting possibilities, improving the relevance of incoming inquiries from your education marketing campaign.

No possibility of targeting your best audience, potentially leading to many irrelevant candidates.

Social media advertising additionally enhances your brand awareness.

No additional influence on brand reputation and awareness.

Average working hours spent per campaign: no more than 1 hour.

Average working hours spent per admissions campaign: 8 working days.

Requires no technical knowledge; we've got you covered, saving you over 30% of your admissions budget.

Requires a lot of manual labour, admissions experience, or significant investment.

What Is soccialy?

soccialy, an AI-driven social media marketing platform and consultancy service, is tailored for the educational sector to address its specific challenges and needs, such as high admissions acquisition costs, limited outreach, and an excess of irrelevant applications.

Our Approach to the Hiring Process:

1. Research

We’ll get to know your team and school, understanding your target audience and unique admissions needs to reach your enrolment goals.

2. Campaign Setting

We’ll select the best social media platforms according to our marketing plan, craft engaging messages, and launch targeted ad campaigns to captivate prospective students.

3. Landing Page Creation

We’re all about creating inviting and efficient landing pages that ensure strong ad conversion and help you find the most suitable applicants.

4. Campaign Launch

Once we launch, we’ll fine-tune the campaigns to give you the best quality applications for your advertising spend, outshining traditional routes.

You’ll have the opportunity to monitor the progress of your school’s admissions campaign in real time via an easy-to-use dashboard. The influx of applications from top-notch candidates will stand as a testament to our shared achievement.

Here’s what one of our clients says about us:

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How Are Admissions Changing?

Admissions are gracefully moving towards digital strategies. Education marketing trends are embracing AI-driven tools and analytics to connect with prospective students. This modern approach enables educational institutions to thoughtfully engage with students and their families on their preferred platforms, ensuring a more proactive and bespoke admissions process.

What Do You Mean by Education Marketing?

Education marketing is the art of crafting specialised strategies to promote school and university programs. This often involves embracing digital and social media marketing with carefully tailored messaging. These targeted campaigns are designed to engage potential students, offering educational content that elegantly showcases the unique qualities and benefits of the institution. Through education marketing, institutions can effectively convey their message and attract the right audience.

What Is the Best College Admissions Marketing Strategy?

The best college admissions marketing strategy involves a multi-faceted approach. Start by understanding your target audience and crafting personalised messaging. Leverage digital marketing strategies, utilising data-driven insights to reach prospective students effectively. Invest in social media advertising for immediate visibility and publish educational content on your school’s blog and video content on its YouTube channel for long-term effect. Continuous optimisation and monitoring are key to success, ensuring your institution attracts and enrols the best-fit students.

Do You Need a Digital Marketing Agency for Admissions?

While education marketing agencies play a role in the admissions process, soccialy presents a more streamlined, cost-effective solution compared to traditional admissions marketing services. We offer bespoke, AI-driven marketing strategies, potentially more effective and focused than standard agency methods, tailored to the unique needs of educational institutions.

Does PPC Work for Universities and Schools?

Pay-per-click advertising can indeed be a fruitful approach for universities and schools, especially as part of a comprehensive education marketing strategy. It allows for precise targeting, offering immediate visibility on search engines and social media–a significant advantage in connecting with potential students.

Which Social Media Marketing Channels Work Best for Educational Institutions?

The choice of social media channels varies with your target audience. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are wonderfully effective for reaching a broad demographic, including students and parents. Meanwhile, TikTok and Snapchat are increasingly popular with younger audiences, offering exciting opportunities for engagement.