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Further Education Recruitment for Extraordinary Efficiency

Harness the power of social media to get 11x more applications from great candidates. Cheaper. Faster.

Recruiting in education is tough. Traditional methods like job boards and recruitment agencies can’t always deliver the desired results. soccialy offers modern solutions to help schools hire the best staff faster and at a lower cost.

How we compare:


Standard Approach:

Proactively utilising the benefits of modern recruitment solutions based on the social media marketing approach.

Using a static approach of acquisition for colleges, such as job boards or databases gathered by further education recruitment agencies.

Targeting every person who fits your pre-defined criteria, even if they haven't started their new job or further education search yet.

Targeting only those teachers, teaching assistants, and non-teaching further education professionals who are actively searching for job opportunities.

Possibility to target your advertisement by multiple parameters, such as location, job title, industry, education level, and even membership in specific social media groups.

No targeting possibilities—you display your recruitment ads to everyone with a risk of receiving a large number of irrelevant applications.

Social media campaigns also improve your brand awareness among the chosen audience.

No additional benefits for improving brand awareness among teachers.

Average time to close a position: 23 days.

Average time to close a position: 41 days.

Average cost per candidate acquisition: from £391.

Average cost per candidate acquisition if applying through a recruitment agency: from £7500 per hire.

Depending on the setup, you can save around 30% of your recruitment budget, and you will definitely save dozens of hours of manual labour.

If you don't hire a further education recruitment agency (which is never cheap), then you'll need to spend many hours doing a manual job.

What Is soccialy?

soccialy are experts in education recruitment technology with our social media advertising platform and consultancy services specifically created to serve schools and higher education institutions, aimed at addressing their specific needs and challenges. We specialise in the following:

Utilising our social media technology, you can obtain top-notch candidates faster and with almost no effort.

If you want your employees to set up and manage ad campaigns on their own, we’ll be happy to provide you with professional guidance on how to attract the best candidates.

Here’s How Effective soccialy Is

Number of Jobs

Over the past few years, we have advertised thousands of jobs.


% of Candidates Hired from our ads

We helped our most loyal clients fill up to 98% of their roles.

98 percent

Educational Institutions We Work With

We have worked with thousands of educational institutions.


What makes it possible for us and our clients to get such great results in the education sector?

How Do We Support the Recruiting Process?

1. Research

We start by learning your specific recruitment needs and requirements in order to attract the most suitable candidates.

2. Campaign Setting

We select the most appropriate social media channels, polish messaging, and develop advertising campaigns.

3. Landing Page Creation

We design captivating and compelling landing pages to screen and convert visitors into candidates.

4. Campaign Launch

We start and fine-tune advertising campaigns to create a sufficient and high-quality candidate pool for optimal cost.

You’ll be able to track the performance of your education recruitment campaign in real time through a convenient dashboard. Applications coming from high-quality candidates will be our proof of success.

Here’s what one of our clients says about us:

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If you seek to revitalise your college recruitment strategies to align with the latest trends and attract the best teachers and other staff, reach out to us. Together, we will attract the best talent to your educational institution.


What Is the College Recruitment Process? How Do You Recruit for a College?

With socially, recruitment in further education involves the following steps:

  1. College recruitment advertising. We research, set up, and manage your recruitment ads on social media to create a top-talent candidate pool for an optimal cost. You track the progress in real-time through a convenient dashboard. 
  2. Application. Prospective candidates submit their applications on a landing page. 
  3. Applications review. Your employees review and filter out applications.

After that, you choose the appropriate form to invite the best candidates to join your educational institution. 

What Is a College Recruitment Fair?

A college recruitment fair, also known as a college job fair or career fair, is an event where employers, including colleges, universities, and international schools, set up booths or tables to promote their organisation and recruit potential candidates. College recruitment fairs are unofficial visits typically held on a college campus or at a conference centre and are open to teachers, students, alumni, and community members to attend. These events provide an opportunity for colleges and universities to showcase their institution, promote their programs, and connect with potential students or staff members. 

Are College Recruitment Services Worth It?

Using college recruitment services to attract staff members can be beneficial for educational institutions, as it saves time and resources and provides access to a wider pool of qualified candidates to colleges. However, it can be expensive, limit the institution’s control over the recruiting process, and attract irrelevant applications. 

In contrast, Soccialy may bring you 11x more candidates faster and for a more optimal price compared with traditional further education recruitment agencies, and we pay great attention to the quality of applications. 

What Is soccialy?

soccialy is a social media advertising, consultancy service, and specialist provider with an office in central London created to meet the specific needs of the recruiting process in the education sector (from schools and colleges to universities, adult education, and training providers) and eliminate its many issues, such as a high cost of candidate acquisition, limited reach, and a high number of irrelevant applications. As accredited members of the education community, we hold ourselves to a higher standard of excellence and ethical practices. 

What Is Your Expertise in the Educational Sector?

We have in-depth knowledge of recruitment in further education and more than 2,000 positions successfully closed for institutions and local authorities worldwide.

What Staff Roles Do You Cover?

We cover all kinds of positions for our clients from leadership roles to support staff, according to your further education recruitment needs, including fixed-term contract job openings. We work with all kinds of educational institutions, including schools, international schools, colleges, universities, adult education, and training providers