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The Future of Recruitment and Admissions Marketing for Colleges and Universities

Passionate about further education recruitment and committed to delivering results, soccialy can provide you with the very best talent for roles in colleges and universities using our AI social media technology. Find out more.


Recruitment Solutions For Colleges and Universities

Job boards are dead. Maximise your return on recruitment investment and target professionals where they spend most of their time – online. Great lecturers and teaching staff are imperative to your organisation’s success, but so are great managers, business support, and operations staff. Leveraging the most popular social media channels together with paid-for display advertising across the Google Display Network, we can recruit for every role your organisation could need, saving your time, budget, and the hassle of working with multiple agencies.

Why wait for the best talent to find your college and university job vacancies on a job board when you can take the role to them?

Reaching candidates across social media is an increasingly popular recruitment method for forward-thinking schools. Our experienced team of social media strategists can take the hassle out of managing your social media channels and devise a recruitment strategy that’s bespoke for your organisation.

We understand how to attract the best talent to your organisation. Our tried and tested strategies combined with industry-specific knowledge will help you fill your college job vacancies by attracting, recruiting and retaining qualified candidates for your hard-to-fill roles without wasting budget on spray and pray campaigns.

Looking for a new role but not sure where you would like to work? Find out whether colleges in your area are hiring staff with our school finder tool.


University & College Admissions Marketing & Enrolment Solutions

In a competitive market, educational institutions are under immense enrolment pressure and must justify a return on tuition investment. University and college admissions marketing requires coordinated effort to target the right people for your establishment without wasting precious budget. Find out how soccialy can help you target the right students for your college or university.

If your college or university is looking to reach a certain demographic, we can help increase the number of prospective students who attend your Open Days. Our digital marketing strategists will devise an outbound admissions campaign that attracts students to register to attend an Open Day event at your college or university and will simultaneously drive organic traffic to your website.

Social media is the perfect channel for further and higher education institutions to have direct contact with prospective students. Using soccialy’s digital marketing and sector expertise, we can devise a social media strategy that overcomes the most common mistakes made around what to post, how often to post, and whether or not to do paid advertising, helping you maximise your ROI.

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We Only Work with Schools, Colleges and Universities

Our proactive approach allows you to use the most cutting-edge ways to attract and recruit the staff, parents or students you need. No more expensive advertising and waiting for people to reach out to you. We bring relevant candidates, parents or students straight to you so that you can start engaging with them directly. We bring relevant leads to you.

GARETH THYER-JONES, Managing Director @soccialy

we work with

1,300 schools and colleges


What Makes Us Different

Proactive Targeting

100% Reach


We are able to proactively target the right people you need on the social media channels, apps and websites they use every day.


Save Money


Digital marketing for universities can be a significant cost. We can reduce your university recruitment and college recruitment outlay through our affordable solutions.


Nano-Targeted Campaigns


Our targeted campaigns run across social media channels and Google based on the demographics, location, behaviour and interests of the candidates or parents you need to reach.

Our Technology

Data Driven AI Technology


We automate the entire recruitment process for you. Fully automated creation, distribution and programmatic optimisation of adverts across social media and Google.


Dynamic Reporting


We create data-driven campaigns with automated testing that continues to improve results and engagement, which means that you can see the results of your adverts in real-time.

Return on Investment

Guaranteed Results


We can predict and generate the number of leads you will receive for an advert, as well as the number of candidates or parents visiting your website through a campaign. You are guaranteed an increase in interest through our solutions.

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