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Education Recruitment Done Smart

Get 11x more candidates compared to traditional education recruitment methods with the power of social media.

Recruiting in education is a challenging task, with stiff competition on job boards and the extortionate recruitment agency fees. However, soccialy provides a solution by offering modern recruitment solutions tailored for schools. With soccialy, schools can efficiently attract the best candidates, streamlining the recruitment process.

Take a Proactive Approach and Reach The Best Candidates Where They Are

What if you could go where your ideal candidates hang out?

What if you could do it even before they start their active search?

Actually, this place exists, and it’s social media.

Using the power of social media advertising, you can proactively invite your best candidates into your hiring funnel—early, quickly, and for significantly less than the services of an education recruitment agency.

How we compare:


Standard Approach:

Using social media that teachers use daily.

Placing vacancies on job boards and using databases gathered by education recruitment agencies.

Reaching both those who are searching for a new job and those who are just thinking about it.

Reaching only those people who are actively searching for a new job.

Wide possibilities for targeting, which improves the relevance of incoming inquiries.

No possibility to target your best audience, which potentially leads to a large number of irrelevant applications.

Social media reach also increases your brand awareness.

No additional influence on brand reputation and awareness.

Average time to close a position: 23 days.

Average time to close a position: 41 days.

Average cost per candidate acquisition: from £391.

Average cost per candidate acquisition if applying through a recruitment agency: from £7500 per hire.

Doesn't need any technical knowledge; we’ve got you covered and will save you over 30% of your recruitment budget.

Requires a lot of manual labour, recruitment experience, or significant investment to hire an education recruitment agency.

What Is soccialy?

soccialy is a social media advertising platform and consultancy service for schools created to meet the specific needs of the education sector and eliminate its many issues, such as the high cost of candidate acquisition, limited reach, and a high number of irrelevant applications.

Here’s How Effective soccialy Is:

Number of Jobs

Over the past few years, we have advertised thousands of jobs.


% of Candidates Hired from our ads

We helped our most loyal clients fill up to 98% of their roles.


Educational Institutions We Work With

We have worked with thousands of educational institutions.


What makes it possible for us and our clients to get such great results in the education sector?

Our Approach to the Hiring Process:

1. Research

Before we start, we work closely with your team to learn about your school and hiring needs to attract the most suitable candidates.

2. Campaign Setting

We choose proper social media channels, craft messages, and set up advertising campaigns to draw the attention of the right education specialists.

3. Landing Page Creation

We create appealing and effective landing pages to ensure the ads convert well and filter out the most appropriate candidates to apply.

4. Campaign Launch

We launch and adjust campaigns to grant you the best applications vs. advertising cost ratio compared to job boards and education recruitment agencies.

You’ll be able to track the performance of your education recruitment campaign in real time through a convenient dashboard. Applications coming from high-quality candidates will be our proof of success.

Here’s what one of our clients says about us:

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What Is Education Recruitment?

Education recruitment is the process of finding and hiring professionals to work in educational institutions, such as schools, colleges, and universities. This can include hiring teaching staff, administrators, managers, support staff, and other professionals who work in the education field.

Is Education Recruitment Hard?

Education recruitment can be challenging because there may be a shortage of qualified candidates, and the process can be time-consuming. However, with the right recruitment strategies and tools, such as Soccialy, the process can be much more effective.

What Is soccialy?

soccialy is not a recruitment agency but a social media advertising and consultancy service created to meet the specific needs of the education sector and eliminate its many issues, such as the high cost of candidate acquisition, limited reach, and a high number of irrelevant applications.

What Is Your Expertise in the Educational Sector?

We have over 30 years of experience in education recruitment and more than 2,000 positions successfully closed for institutions and local authorities worldwide.

Do You Work With Further Education?

We provide recruitment services to all kinds of educational institutions, from early years to further education.

What Education Roles Do You Cover?

We cover all kinds of education roles for our clients, and we’re happy to help you find the right person, be it a teacher, a teaching assistant, a manager, or anyone else.

Do You Test the Skills of Candidates?

We don’t test skills, but we make sure you’ll get applications from suitable candidates by investigating your needs, targeting appropriate audiences with our campaigns, and filtering them through our high-quality landing pages.