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2022: The year of private education

Make your open day a huge success with soccialy!

We all know the impact that COVID-19 had on schools in 2020 and 2021. The education system was shaken to its core and became a shell of itself, in many different aspects but most importantly, teachers were not able to give everyone the required individualistic learning that some kids need. This led to many teachers feeling the strain. Many teachers became bogged down in overtime, becoming exhausted and stressed, this then repeats the cycle again and causes harm to students’ learning overall. It’s not fair on the teacher’s, it’s not fair on the students and it is not fair on the parents. As of writing, Omicron is rapidly increasing in cases and very much becoming a threat to many of us. This new variant is a recurring nightmare for school’s but we now have the foresight to understand we can do something about it before it’s too late. 

With potentially another wave in the pandemic around the corner, parent’s are now assessing whether public schooling is what they want for their children. During the height of the pandemic in 2020, many parents decided then that public school was just too risky and decided amongst giving their child a private education instead. We anticipate that the same mindsets will be returning in 2022. We believe that there will be a surge in private education inquiries at the start of the new year. Parent’s want to assess their options and many of those who aren’t affluent are still happy to put aside money to protect their children. It’s important to understand that there is a lot of market share available, only 7% of children are privately educated but 22% of parents can afford it. There is potential for it to be a huge year for private schools and soccialy is here to help guide you.

As a private school, you have to sell your school much more than any public school ever has to. Parent’s want to see where their money is going, which means your open day has to be a spectacular event. Guided tours, sports facilities, ambient sounds and art installations by students are always huge selling points for parents. It’s about reducing any concerns they may have and making them feel important, especially those just dipping their toes in the idea of private education. Another very important factor that comes into the mind’s of parents is heritage and branding. Most school’s have a lot of history and that legacy should be one of the first things that parent’s notice. Legacy and heritage convey trust, steadiness and reliability, everything you could possibly want in a school.

After you’ve planned out your amazing open day, that is where soccialy comes in. We help to get your open day out there in front of the parents that you want. You do everything you can to make your open day an amazing spectacle, so it’s only right that you capitalise on that by having your specified target audience come and visit the premises, or if it’s available, visit digitally. Here at soccialy, we’ll help guide you on how best to target your specific audience, we take everything into consideration to maximise your budget. We’ll talk to you, learn about your school and suggest how best to make your open day a huge success. Many school leaders still don’t understand the power social media has in regards to targeting a specific audience, not only that but you’re targeting them on a platform they find comforting and have the ability to also share information they find interesting, so there’s even more added benefit, as opposed to only using purely traditional media or strictly Google ads. soccialy helps bring your prefered audience into your school.

We’re proud of our ability to target in a subtle and natural way. Our AI is pinpoint accurate in its ability to take our suggested audience and find those who are even more relevant to our search than previously thought. This nano-targeting allows us to naturally slot our ads directly into our target audience’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feed without it feeling like a hammer to the head. Many people are sensitive to abrupt and irrelevant ads so it’s important that we take your ad and place it gently into the hands of an audience who were already thinking about open days and private school. This approach is also important in being able to coerce those parents who thought private school would be a waste of money in the past but are now rethinking things. 83% of parents use social media every single day, soccialy help’s to get you in front of those parents.

We pride ourselves on making your open day the stuff of dreams. We don’t just set up your ads and leave you on your way, we help you by providing other services in which no other business can provide. We help you to optimise your landing page, so visitors feel the urge to fill in their information and sign up to whatever it is you would like them to sign up to. We also provide you with your own bespoke dashboard that allows you to view the progress of your campaign. Admissions don’t have to be a slog, partner up with soccialy and you’ll see how amazingly simple it can be.